Friday 26 February 2016


Good morning, gentle readers.  It's a warmer morning than the last few days and although I have on dressing gown and slippers because of my visitors, I doubt I would otherwise!

Yesterday was a bit of a frustrating day.  I made (or tried to make) my first sourdough loaf from this starter I have been nurturing over the past week or so.  All went well and the dough felt good but would it rise?  Would it heck!  I comforted myself with two thoughts - sourdough is slower and the longer rise would result in the better loaf (or so they tell me), but it was frustrating, all the same.

Eventually, just before bedtime, it had risen enough to shape and place in a bowl for proving so I popped it in the fridge, covered, and this morning it was just about right for baking.
The house is now smelling wonderful and I look forward to the first cut when I discover whether it looks like sourdough on the inside.

Here it is.  Quite a small loaf, just 200g flour.  Fingers crossed.

I also cooked the pork I got the other day, lo-o-o-ong and sl-o-o-ow.  Over six hours, in fact.  It was worth it though - the results were luscious.  I ended up having loads of it crammed into a roll (very healthy!!!!!) and have loads to freeze in single portions today.  I might post the recipe at some point as it is very much out there in the public domain.

The rind got cooked longer and did crackle nicely but it was very rich so I didn't have much of it!

I did such a stupid thing.  I tutor a little one over the road from me and before setting out I picked up my file of work, my key ring and my phone, deciding that I really didn't need my coat.  I even stood on the door step to check I had everything before closing the door.
When the session had finished I picked up my keys and realised I had the wrong set.  I had picked up the keys that are not needed terribly often and which I don't need to carry about all the time.  I'd got them out to transfer a key over.
Fortunately, Beth was at home and she came over with her key.  What a stupid thing to do though!

Thank you, Beth.  Hope you enjoyed your wine.

Today?  Well, I might go swimming and I might not, it depends.  I have to do something with the mess because the cleaners are coming.  I have no set plans so we will just have to see, won't we?

Today's food:
B:  yogurt and fruit
L:  soup with bread (sourdough? - probably), fruit yogurt
D:  I think something like pulled pork pot pie (what an alliterative name) as I have some pastry to use up.


  1. Looks a delicious loaf of bread! (just don't like sourdough, LOL)

    Oh dear, that horrible sinking feeling the moment you realise, hope you didn't get cold whilst waiting for your keykeeper Angel of Rescue.

  2. Fortunately, the lady whose child I was tutoring is a friend so I just stayed round hers.
    It's a horrible feeling, isn't it?
    J x

  3. Your loaf looks beautiful, have you sliced it yet? Internal picture please! Sourdough is my favourite bread and one thing I can't resist just because it contains gluten. You could make rolls for your pulled pork! I love pulled pork and haven't made it for too long.
    Glad you didn't freeze outside your own front door :-)

  4. I have, Chrissie, and it is good inside too! I'll post a photo when I get it off my camera. :-)
    J x