Thursday 4 February 2016


. . . and guess what.  I'm going swimming.  It's been ages since we went swimming for various good reasons (and because we like to go together)  but today we are going swimming.  Yay!

Yesterday was a bit of a nothing day really.  I pottered and meandered and achieved not very much.

The food was nice though.
Lunch - bit of pizza, bit of salad.  OK by me!

Dinner: mushroom rogan josh with cauliflower rice and a dollop of not terribly nice natural yogurt.  MUST get round to making my own again!

Apart from swimming, Beth and I are packing up all our cat bum coasters orders ready for posting tomorrow.  So nice that people like them enough to buy them, isn't it?

Today's food:
B:  nothing until after swimming, then probably fruit
L:  soup, fruit yogurt
D: tuna burger in a bap, salad, fruit

Now I must get ready!

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