Friday 5 February 2016


Well, yesterday was a busier day, for sure.

To start with, I was up early so I could get sorted out, tidied up and the rubbish out before meeting up with Beth at the pool.  The traffic was moving so we both got there earlier than expected but we arrived at the same time which was quite a coincidence.
No, we didn't, it's not allowed!
As it's been ages since we swam, we decided to take it easy but we still managed to do an hour of gentle up and down which must have done us some good.  Then Beth came back and we did our wrapping and packaging of the cat bum mats.  That's all done now!

One irritating thing was that the font we use for our labels isn't on my new PC and while I could find it, I didn't know how to get it on.  Fortunately, I have a super whizz ICT person (yes, Milli, I mean you) staying over the weekend so she will be able to do it for me, I am sure.  < smiles sweetly at Milli >

Later on I popped over the road to tutor my one private pupil and I really enjoyed it.  The child is coming on well, one can see real improvement in the work.  Most satisfying.

And now it is Friday.  Lots of housework to get done today plus the meal planning for next week so I'd better stop rabbiting on and get going.  Coffee first though!  One must get ones priorities straight.

Today's food:
B:  bacon and tomato roll (spoiling myself here, but it is value bacon!), apple
L:  soup, yogurt and pineapple
D:  fish, home made wedges, peas, fruit yogurt

Have a good day


  1. I have found a charity who would love my stuff it is called porchlight which might be worth a try they have even offered to collect the stuff if required.

  2. Sounds like a great day! The swim will have done you good :-) have a gorgeous weekend X

  3. I think it did, even though I was very tired yesterday. You have a gorgeous weekend too . . .
    J x