Sunday 14 February 2016


Welcome to a very chilly Sunday morning.  Well, it is here anyway - it might be gloriously warm and sunny in Chelmsford, a little south and east of here, you never know!

Stotfold Mill
Yesterday was nice and quiet and gentle.  We thought we might go to Stotfold Mill but it was closed and then it started raining so we stayed in and slept the afternoon away!  We've put it on the list of places to visit later on, next to Anglesea Abbey.

In the evening we went to the Millstream, a nice pub/eating place that mum and dad go to fairly often.  Ordinary pub fare, well cooked, great prices and very friendy (and popular).  Worth a try out if you live Hitchin way.

I was very virtuous, ordered chicken in a bun without the bun, ate that and the salad and left quite a lot of the chips.  To be fair, there were an awful lot of chips!  A most satisfying meal!  I probably should have gone for a lettuce and tomato salad after the lunch Mum cooked (bacon, tomato and fried bread and absolutely gorgeous) but they didn't have that on the menu or OF COURSE that's what I would have had.

What do you mean, you don't believe me?  Huh!

Today will also be nice and quiet.  I will continue in my quest to Use Up The Ridiculous Amount Of Yarn I Have In The Cupboard by relentlessly crocheting round and round and round to make the world's largest granny rectangle.  I will read the Sunday paper - a real treat beause I don't get one at home.  I will probably snooze several times.  And I will enjoy the dinner mum will cook.  Such a hard life.

You have a good'un too.


  1. Oh a Sunday paper! I rarely get one and when I do, it lasts me the week! FB sorted!!!

  2. It is indeed and I have found the link, thank you. We got there dventually!
    J x