Saturday 6 February 2016


Two for the price of one today, you lucky things, you!!!

I've just popped out to the shed to get some bread in and it feels jolly cold even though BBC tells me it is 10 C.  At present it is still and dry but I gather there's some nasty stuff coming - strong winds during the day and rain overnight.

It's all a muddle at the moment.  I'm expecting my friend to stay but their car won't start so they may or may not be here now.  It's a right pain for them and my fingers are firmly crossed.

What with expecting them and also Alex coming for lunch tomorrow, I got a big chicken out of the freezer and it is gently defrosting as I type.  It won't be a problem.  You know that book '101 things to do with a defrosted chicken when your expected guests can't come'?  Well, I could have written that!  I shall roast it, dismantle it and plan the week's meals round it, if needs be!

I got an email yesterday from my lovely ICT friend.  He had a day off, could he come round and check the new PC was working OK and sort out any questions I had?  Well, of course he could so now I have that font on the new PC, I know what to do with other fonts I have missed and stuff has been sorted, added, etc!  I didn't get to have my bacon roll though, so guess what's for brekky this morning!

I don't know if you have heard but Aldi is now doing online stuff, just for wine, etc.  Having enjoyed a very cheap bottle from them last week, I went online and yes, it was there, same price, no postage, so I crumpled and bought some.  It arrived yesterday so now I have to get it out of sight, out of mind!

In the afternoon I went into school to do what I couldn't do on Thursday afternoon.  The teacher had got my message about Thursday but not the bit about being able to do Friday instead.  As they were doing PE with visiting sporty types I couldn't really whisk children away for reading so I disappeared into Y1 and heard some of them read instead and it was lovely!

Last Monday I bought some not terribly nice (rather nasty, in fact) plain yogurt from Aldi.  I used some of it as a starter for making my own natural yogurt which was ready yesterday morning and it really very nice indeed.  I think I might see if some straining and turning into a soft cheese improves the flavour at all and I can use the whey in my bread.  Fingers crossed because I would hate to throw it away.

So, all in all, yesterday was a really nice day!

Today's food:
B:  that bacon roll which I am munching as I type! Apple
L:  Home made soup, probably leek and potato, fruit yogurt
D:  I'm trying the basic curry from my new curry book!  It looks simple enough and I have all the necessary spices.  Then either fruit or yogurt and pineapple

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