Sunday 21 February 2016


Good morning.  Today is our traditional 'day of rest' which is why we often seem to be busier fitting things in that we ever do at other times.  Being restful can be very hard work as those of us who have retired will attest to!

Yesterday started off fine but by midday the clouds had descended and the drizzle fell after which it just got wetter and wetter.  It was milder, which was nice, but all in all a very gloomy day.

I had fun making barley bread.  It was delicious (note the past tense!) and I have blogged about it in Teacher's Recipes, if you'd like to take a look.

The sourdough discard made two proper crumpets and a pikelet.  Yes, I had another go at crumpets and this time, for some reason, they did not stick to the rings and turned out quite well.  There wasn't enough for a third crumpet, hence the pikelet!
It's now day four, the starter is looking quite healthy, all froth and bubbles.  It will soon be ready to bake with!

I digress.  Back to yesterday.  Beth came round and we continued working on a ladies' waistcoat we are making for someone.  The front is patchwork squares and the back and lining are plain.  We are joining the squares together, not as easy as it sounds, because we had to be so careful with the colours.  It will be my job to actually make the waistcoat and I'm a bit nervous about it but nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say.

We've also got a biggish order for some Tonk sock cats so that's what we will be working on today!

Beth and Alex will be round for lunch, which is nice.  I'm making pizza, I think, and I will have to see what I can provide as sides.  Bits and bobs, I suspect, like carrot sticks, etc.  I might make a garlic pizza too.  I have to make decisions!

I'm hoping to get the crochet blanket finished.  I'm on the last round now but it is taking for ever  - smaller stitches, you see, and more of them.  Fingers crossed.  It's looking nice though - as nice as a random thing can look anyway.

But first - into the kitchen, split the starter, feed one half and make something with the other half, make breakfast, clear up, etc . . .

Food plans for today:
B:  crumpet with poached egg - yes, getting a bit samey, isn't it, but it's very delicious.
L:  vegetable pizza, side salad, garlic pizza (maybe), fruit yogurts
D: I have rice left over from yesterday so I will probably bulk it out with some stir fry veg and make some sort of sauce to have with it.

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