Tuesday 9 February 2016


Good morning, gentle readers.
After a very blustery day yesterday, things have really calmed down today, and it's dry and still and really not too cold at all - at least it didn't feel too cold when I went out to the shed just now.  I hope it stays calm as I'm in school today and wind and children don't mix all that well.

It's my last contracted day today so I shall be feeling very sad come the evening.  At least I will be able to creep out without a great fuss and to-do at the end of the day.  I shall miss the work and I shall miss the children though.  It's just - well, sad.

Today's food:
B:  toast and marmite (yum), fruit
L:  veg curry and flatbread, fruit yogurt
D: probably cheese and chicken toastie, natural yogurt with a splash of maple syrup.

Now for coffee!


  1. So, will you no longer go in for paid work? Only on supply? It'll be good to have time off though! Do all your retirement things you get up to! It's still cold and horrid and windy here. School is running on a skeleton crew. You'd not get much work at our place! All us TA's do the cover!

  2. No more contracted paid work, just supply if I get asked. I'm quite sad about it but that's life. Maybe something will come up.
    We only ask TAs to cover if there's no alternative or for smaller lengths of time - an hour here or there.
    J x