Wednesday 3 February 2016


Good morning and welcome to a sunny, frosty morning here in mid-Essex.  After a day in school, I was zonked come the evening but managed to stay more or less awake until after ten in the hopes of avoiding  a stupid o'clock awakening and, for once, it worked!

So now I am running late, but it doesn't matter.

It was a very pleasant day in school yesterday.  Someone made a really nice comment about my teaching which cheered me up no end.  Are all teachers as unconfident about their craft?  I have no idea but I suspect many are just like me, hiding behind a 'I can do this' veneer.
Afternoon playground duty was chilly but pleasantly fresh after a stuffy classroom.

Today doesn't have any particular commitments so I might just possibly see if I can tackle the dump formerly known as 'my bedroom'.  It is a singularly depressing place at the moment and needs some TLC.

Also, as mentioned yesterday, I'm making Jack Monroe's mushroom rogan josh for dinner.  I'm looking forward to that!

Today's food:
B:  I was going to have porridge but it's rather late and I'm not feeling hungry so I will see if I can last out until lunch time and maybe have an apple in an hour or so.
L:  a slice of pizza with some salad, fruit yogurt
D:  mushroom rogan josh, cauliflower rice, maybe a flatbread, fruit or yogurt.

Nice and healthy, nice and frugal too!

I'm just enjoying the first coffee of the day - aaaahhhh, lovely!


  1. There is nothing like that first coffee

  2. Indeed there isn't! It's wonderful.
    J x

  3. No matter what the occupation, it is always uplifting when somebody tells you unexpectedly you are doing a good job! Nice one!