Monday 8 February 2016


So sorry this is late for once.  After a late (late for me, anyway) waking, I rushed off to early swimming with Beth.  I've just got home.

The chicken yesterday was delicious.  I cooked it in an old fashioned dish with a lid, taking the lid off towards to end so it could brown.  Nice crispy skin and very moist, tender meat that was actually too tender to slice but not dry in the least.  Lovely!  Alex and I accounted for under half of it so I have a really nice amount to provide the main protein for several of my meals this week.  As the whole chicken was reduced to £3.00, I reckon it's a jolly frugal deal!

I also cooked more veg in hopes and there's enough left over for today.  The same cannot be said about the potatoes.  They were so lovely and crunchy that they all disappeared.  However many I make, my roasties always get eaten.

It was lovely and sunny for most of the day so I put some washing out for the first time in ages.  Very satisfying.

The rest of the day was spent resting, snoozing, social networking, and so on and so forth.  Lovely!

Today I've done my swim and it is so good to get back to it again.  I do wish they would heat the area up a bit more though.  Getting out of the pool was a shivery experience!  Maybe when the new pool is built . . .

Now I have to get the bread started and I found a recipe for meusli bars on another blog,
and they look dead easy so I shall give them a go.

After that I have ironing.  Quite a lot of it too so I shall check the telly listings and if there's nothing on I shall dig out a DVD and get stuck in.  Also the kitchen is not too bad after yesterday's roast but it could do with a bit of a tidy up.

B:  well, I had some lettuce before swimming which sounds odd, I know, but I fancied it.  I have some leek and potato soup left over from Saturday so I think I will have that shortly as I'm hungry after swimming.
L:  small chicken curry (leftovers again!)
D:  roast chicken with vegetables (leftovers yet again) and I might even rise to a Yorkshire or two, if I'm not too lazy!

So it's off I go into the kitchen to heat up the soup and make a coffee - the first of the day!


  1. Left overs can be fun lots of things taste better for maturing a bit

  2. I have found that too . . .
    J x