Saturday 27 February 2016


It's Saturday.  The weekend.  Not that the weekend means all that much now but I still feel a little more free.  Silly, isn't it?

As you will have gathered, the first loaf I made with my sourdough starter was OK.  Not brilliant but definitely OK.  That being so, I started another, wholemeal this time which proved overnight in the fridge and will be baked when I have finished this.

I make little loaves so I have treated myself to a couple of 250g bannetons to make my loaves look prettier.  I can use them with my normal dough too so I can give my customers loaves of different shapes.  Ordered last night, hopefully they will arrive soon.
Banneton Cane Oval 250g (17x12x7cm)

An oval one

. . . and a round one.

Looking forward to a nicely shaped sourdough loaf soon!

In the afternoon I set to and made the Perfect Pulled Pork Pot Pie (try saying that after a couple of glasses of vino) and it was rather nice.  The pastry was some shortcrust that was yellow stickered in Morrisons and it was a lot nicer than the pastry I make, not to mention that what I didn't use is now in the freezer in single portions.  Puff pastry would looked nicer, I expect, but it wasn't reduced!  I did um and ah about doing the lattice top Mary Berry did last Monday but laziness won out over ambition!
I fried some onion, peppers, carrots, celery and mushroom, adding some garlic near the end of the frying time.  Then I added a splash of white wine and some water and when that was bubbling I crumbled in less than half a pork stock cube.  Then I added the pulled pork and some of the stock from the roasting and thickened the whole lot with some thickening granules.  I drew off some of the sauce for gravy and put the rest into a high sided lasagne dish, topped it with pastry and cooked it.  It went down a treat and Sonja and Milli were most complimentary.  As there was so much vegetable in the pie, I just steamed some broccoli on and I can use the stalk for a soup this morning.

I've found a recipe for sourdough crackers so I'm going to try that later on.  They look quite nice and not too complicated.   I will report back!

That's about it really.  Another partially lazy day, especially as the house was cleaned yesterday, but I do have a stack of ironing that is refusing to go away, sadly.

Today's food.
B:  apple, orange, natural yogurt
L:  soup, fruit yogurt
D:  pizza with garlic pizza and a little salad

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