Sunday, 17 January 2016


Another chilly good morning to you all.  Last night we had a little bit of snow here and, in fact, it is still snowing very lightly and gently.  I'm not sure whether there's been any at home though.  Have you had any?
No, it is absolutely nothing like this, but isn't this a lovely scene?
Yesterday was another pleasant day.  It was too cold to be going out anywhere so we stayed inside in the warm.  For most of the time, anyway.

I ended yesterday's blog by saying I was waiting for the call to breakfast.  I waited and waited, read the paper, waiting, then smelt toast and wandered into the kitchen to find mum and dad just finishing their breakfast.  They thought I was still asleep!

After breakfast I did one of the things I had come up for and that was to do an audit of the contents of their freezer.  I'm getting quite good at this and it's a lot more organised than mine, believe me!  Having done that I typed it all up so now they know.

I was very tired come the afternoon so had a good snooze.  Talk about being lazy!

I shall be heading off home today to meet up with my lovely house sitters (thank you to you both).  I can't imagine the weather will be bad enough to cause concern.

B:  toast and fruit
D:  roast turkey dinner (yum) - and yesterday's lunch was bacon sarnies.
T:  probably something egg based.  I shall have to see what there is in the fridge at home.


  1. It was absolutely our pleasure to be your house-sitters, Joy - thank you so much for having us to stay. So lovely! :o) So glad you got home safely. :o)

  2. Thanks again. It's so good to know the house is occupied. :-)
    J x