Sunday, 28 June 2015


Good morning to all my readers.  I'm sitting downstairs, all the windows are open to cool the place and it has been raining.  The forecast is for another glorious day so I'm making the most of the cool while I can.

I have a friend upstairs, fast asleep (I hope), who is here for nearly a week.  Shame about work really, isn't it?

Yesterday was a very quiet day.  I was so tired that I kept nodding off and between snoozes the hay fever was not great, despite meds.  At the moment I feel as if someone is attacking my brain with sandpaper - sort of gritty and rough and irritated.

Maybe I need another coffee  :-)


  1. The hayfever sounds very troublesome indeed - poor you. You must be so tired, too, with all the stress and strain of work. Not long now and you will be able to properly relax and get back to full strength. Have a lovely weekend with your friend and hope you feel better very, very soon.

  2. I take anti histamine for prickly heat but they have the same effect on me as taking probably a tranquilizing dart theTV vets give the elephants! I'm fit for nowt, so I'm glad I don't suffer with hay fever and have to take them all the time! And these are the NON DROWSY ones!

  3. I remember the first non drowsy ones that came out - because they sent me to sleep. Fortunately for me, the ones I take now are much better and just make me a bit yawny at times.
    The prickly heat sounds unpleaseant!
    J x