Thursday 11 June 2015


Phew.  That's my last ever performance management over and done. As expected, it was a very bitter-sweet experience.  I was fighting tears most of the way through and it was all decidedly wobbly.  It is all very 'not-sure' at the moment.  However, comments were lovely, the paperwork is to be proud of and, of course, there will be no more targets.  I won't miss them!

I am comforted by the thought that I will not be saying a complete goodbye to the school I love so much.  I will be on their supply list and I know I will be used because a) I am just round the corner, b) they won't have to pay agency fees as well as supply costs and c) I can do half days, no hassle!  I have made sundry promises about coming in to help, especially with the younger children with a few issues which is rather taking me back to where it all started after I moved from London and offered to help at the village school my children were then attending.  I was given some children who were not making expected progress to work with and it worked out very well.  The head gave me a fantastic reference and it all went from there.

As I am not doing Breadline for a few weeks I popped over to Morrisons and consoled myself with some strawberries, some blueberries and half a melon (reduced!!!). It cheered me up no end, superficial soul that I am, as I do love summer fruits!  I was also pleased to get some yellow stickered parsnips which I will blanche and freeze for roasting some time in the future.  You can't take the Scrooge out of the girl, can you?
So it is fruit salad and home made yogurt for breakfast today.  What could be better?  Yum!
(edited later to say it was wonderful!)

I haven't mentioned much about the garden recently.  I'm cutting down on tomatoes this year and the six I have in the veg bed were given to me by my dad.  The runner beans are just breaking through and the strawberries are starting to ripen.  I am looking forward to sharing allotment responsibilities with Beth and sharing the produce too, when I have more time.  At the bottom of the garden a 'bramble' blackberry has broken through from outside.  At present I am encouraging it although it is very thorny: if it produces next year I will be very glad but if not, it will come out and be ruthlessly suppressed.  The herb bed is looking very healthy right now and I need to start harvesting some of the chives, oregano and mint.
It will be wonderful to spend about half an hour on the garden each day.  It is small but I can do much more with it.

Today is going to be fun.  V and I are taking the Y2 children down to our local sports stadium for 'Mini-Sports'.  We need to be there for 12:45 which means a short morning, an early lunch and a longer afternoon but it should be fantastic fun.  I remember when I took my Y4 class there for something similar.  That's a long time ago now.

Well, better got on.  Reports have to be written and planning has to be looked over not to mention a kitchen that urgently needs some attention.  Life goes on.  Have a good day, gentle readers!


  1. Leaving work is difficult it is a big change in your life and it takes a bit of getting used to. However you do have the advantage of planning your day depending on the weather if it is nice you can garden if it is raining or cold you can potter in the kitchen. You can throw the rule book out of the window and eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are tired. At first it feels like you are on holiday it just never ends.

  2. it's nice that the school can just call you up and ask you to come in. It's a win, win situation for both of you.

  3. Just catching up on blogs: sorry to hear that things have been so stressful for you. All these 'lasts' are very hard, but think of all the 'firsts' that are coming your way:)
    I look forward to hearing all about your allotment fun and re blackberries, so far I have always found that the wild ones are more tasty than the cultivated ones. Not quite sure why that should be. Perhaps it is something to do with the climate/soil near here.
    Anyway, take care, you have things worked out so well, the future looks really wonderful: a little school here and there without the kind of responsibilities you have at the moment, more time for friends and family and pursuing your interests. Good luck with the transition. XX

  4. Such lovely, kind, encouraging words. Thanks you, ladies!
    J x