Friday, 26 June 2015


Good morning, gentle readers.  Wasn't it lovely yesterday?  It looks as if summer has finally arrived at long, long last.  Fingers crossed that today is pleasant too.

When I woke yesterday morning I was feeling really rough.  Aching all over and sick.  And then I was, so I texted to let them know.  I wasn't well all morning but by lunchtime things were rather better, thank goodness, so in the afternoon I turned all frugal again.  I have planned the week's eating and I dealt with some nice young parsnips that I had found at half price in Morrisons the day before.  What I did was I topped, tailed and peeled, cut into roasting bits and steamed them for a short time in my microwave steamer.  Then they cooled on an oven tray dredged with flour, had more flour sprinked over and then they were open frozen.  Now they will be used for roasted veg as and when.

Today I am feeling much better, phew.

I planned my meals for the week too and will post them in a separate message.  Have a good day.

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