Friday, 26 June 2015


Yesterday evening I was in need of some stress free relaxation.  A random Facebook thingy prompted me to look for some a cappella music and stirred memories for me.

Many. many years ago, when I was at Spring Harvest one year (Skegness, I seem to remember) in the Big Top, there was a 'slot' by an a cappella group called 'Glad'.

Well, it knocked our socks off.  They had a standing ovation which, I gather, was the first ever standing ovation at Spring Harvest.  They were a great act, so well received that the next night they gave what amounted to a concert and the tent was absolutely crowded.  Well, I say a tent but it seated thousands.  I queued early and got a great view.

I bought their CD but have lost it or lent it out since, but after indulging in You Tube last night, I think I must search Amazon.

If it is your kind of thing here are some links.

And while I am on the subject . . .
Does anyone remember the incomparable Swingle Singers?
And so utterly beautiful . . .

Were any of you at Spring Harvest the year Glad entered the Big Top and blew the roof off?
Hoping all the links work . . .

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