Sunday, 7 June 2015


As hoped, yesterday was beautiful.  Not too hot, breezy, wall to wall sunshine - a true English summer day.  Overnight wasn't warm: it was a snuggle under the quilt night - just the kind I love so much. No need for extra covers but no feeling sweaty either.  Couldn't have been better!

Through the day I interspersed work with popping out to do bits in the garden.  I planted out some bits and bobs including tomatoes and a couple of fuchsias that were going cheap in Morrisons a couple of weeks ago.  The foliage bed always looks nice but now the flower bed and the veg bed look a lot better too.  However there's a lot of clutter in the corners so that's the next job - to get that all cleared up and away.

I had a strange experience in the evening.  I had fallen asleep in my chair when I was woken by a hammering at the door.  It took me a while to realise what was happening (as you do when you are only half awake) and when I opened the door there was a nurse outside on the phone to someone and looking worried.   When she saw me she said 'It's OK, she's here' and looked relieved.
Turns out she was a Care Nurse, her job being to visit patients just out of hospital to check they are OK and if anything is needed.  Great idea.  However, seeing that I am NOT just out of hospital, oops, not so good!
She had my name and address down correctly but  it must have been all of ten years ago when I last went in to hospital to have a lump removed and it was hardly an 'are you OK, can you manage' type of situation even so.  I guess their records had got muddled but am concerned for the person it possibly should have been.

After that excitement I meandered up to bed and was asleep within minutes!

Today is more of the same, I guess.  Work, work and more work but, hopefully, no unexpected visitors.  The weather looks hopeful, once again.


  1. What a very strange happening!!! must have given you quite a shock

  2. It did a bit, yes. You know that split second when you doubt reality? It was that!
    J x

  3. Weird! Glad it didn't deter you from going back to sleep. I presume she was a genuine nurse?

  4. She had the documentation, the badge, the uniform, etc . . . but I didn't invite her in, nor did she ask to come in. She wanted me to speak to her manager over the phone to confirm that I was not just out of hospital.
    Who knows - but on balance I would say yes, genuine.

    J x