Monday, 22 June 2015


Next door's climbing rose.  It is a picture at the moment!

Herbs and things.

Good morning, everyone!  I'm a bit slow on the uptake and it has only just clicked that yesterday was the longest day, the summer solstice and the nights start drawing in now (supposedly).  I've just opened the French windows and closed them again in a hurry because it feels too chilly.  So much for summer warmth!

Thank you for all the kind wishes yesterday.  I'm fine apart from a sore and stiff wrist which will be OK in a few days' time.  Typing is a bit of a pain but only a bit!

Yesterday was a nothing sort of day, just work, work, work, enlivened by facebook chats with Beth.  We have a Cunning Plan which I will tell you about in due time.
It was nice and sunny for some of the time and, as I gazed out of the window, I noticed that there was an awful lot of dandelion seeds drifting into the garden and landing all over the place.  I suppose that means extra weeding in a few weeks.  Those dandelions are so prolific!

The perimeter of the garden should look much better again in a few weeks.  I have a half wall-half wooden fence thingy and the fence is in quite a bad way.  Seth came over on Saturday to look at it all and see what needs doing and I'm hoping he can starts soon.  Luckily it is just two sides as the third side belongs to my neighbours!

It was lovely to see so many people reading this blog yesterday.  Please do feel free to leave a brief message: just a hello and an introduction would be lovely, if you haven't replied before or if you have just started reading!  Welcome!

Now I must do some more work.  I'm hoping most of you are sleeping sweetly still.  When you wake, have a wonderful day.


  1. Glad to hear you weren't too badly hurt when you fell - and I hope you're over the shock as well.
    Your garden shots are beautiful. Look after yourself

  2. It's OK now thanks, Chrissie. Just a few twinges but nothing to worry about at all. You take care too, OK?
    J x