Friday 19 June 2015


Oh, dear, I have been shockingly neglectful this week, haven't I?  The fact it, this time of year is always a busy one and, combined with the old hay fever that has hit hard this year, it's a bit knocking-out-ish.  Things will get better eventually!

The garden is flourishing on just a bit of watering and some weeding.  I've had several strawberry desserts, used some of the herbs and am urging the runner beans on.  Of the eight I planted, one has been nibbled to death but the other seven are fine and seven plants is enough and to spare for one person.   And talking of runners, the strawberries have started sending them out.  Maybe I can be a bit more organised with them this year and make better use of their generosity.

The middle bed is looking a lot better since I cleared the bulb leftovers.  That's the trouble with bulbs - you are supposed to leave them to die back but they look so very messy.  Anyway, they have been cut back now.  The Phlox candystripe is looking very sad though. Maybe it needs moving, maybe it needs a chop back.  It certainly can't stay looking like that anyway!

I have a heuchera in the foliage bed (a mix of herbs and other) that is totally overshadowed by other plants so I intend to move it to the middle bed where it can shine in all its glory.  It's a lovely plant and wasted where it is.  It is not 100% happy either as it remains small and doesn't flower all that much.
This is the type, picture borrowed from Google

Anyway, that's enough garden rambling.  I need to get on with some work.  Have a good day and enjoy this lovely weather.


  1. June's bounty is lovely isn't it. As for allergic rhinitis, I'm battling too. Goodness knows how you are managing with it at work. Enjoy your well-earned weekend, won't you. Jx

  2. Thanks, Joan. It's been a bad year for hay fever, hasn't it?
    J x