Tuesday 30 June 2015


It's another gorgeous early morning, fresh and bright with a clear sky and just a very slight breeze in the air.  The windows are open and the house is freshening up.
Today is supposed to be lovely, tomorrow too hot and Thursday has storms and heavy rain predicted.  Well, we shall see!

I can't believe how fast the tomatoes are growing.  Every other day I have to stake them up a bit more.  Fingers crossed for warm, dry weather and no blight!  Which reminds me - must give them their morning drink!

Yesterday was a good day.  Plenty of things happening, it was great to see the children again, work went well . . . just a nice, normal day!  And the reports came back so that's nearly finished (for the last time and it won't be something I miss).
Today should be more of the same, fingers crossed, touch wood, etc!

When I got home I was so tired I could hardly think.  A, my visitor this week, took over and made a delicious and light meal of egg mayo on crispbread.  It was truly lovely to have someone to spoil me when I was so tired!

How do your 'nice, normal days' go, gentle readers?

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