Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Good morning!  It's lovely and sunny out there this morning, promising a glorious day to come.  Yesterday was OK but rather dull at times.  When the sun came out halfway through afternoon play it made such a difference to the temperature.  Suddenly it was hot!

Finally, at long, long last, I managed to get the quilt to my friend when she popped into school to share her little laddie with us for a short time.  Thankfully, she loved it.  A lot!  Phew.  A lot of people who saw it said I could make a fortune with quilts like that and where was my web site?  Ha!!! I'm just relieved that she liked it.
She said he probably wasn't going to be allowed anywhere near it, it was far too good to be sicked and poo-ed over and she might mount it on the wall.  Nice.

Today, being Wednesday, is full of this, that and the other although rather muddled and different.  For a start, we have swapped PPA so that we are having it in the morning this week.  Then it is violin exams so the children will be popping in and out like yoyos.  And then after school we have e-safety training which teachers have to have every year now.

When I get home there will be a treat.  There are a number of strawberries ready for picking and I have a pot of cream that was on special (just 9p) so strawberries and cream is on the menu.  Delicious!

The runner beans are coming up a treat but it will be weeks before there are any to harvest.  This year I have planted some that don't need pollinating which sounds a great idea.

Better go and get ready.  Time flies!


  1. How lovely that your friend is so delighted with your quilt - I bet it is absolutely beautiful! Good for you, Joy - yet another lovely activity you will be able to enjoy in a few week's time! Great! :o)
    The strawberries sound delicious - what a treat. :o)
    Have a good day - only two more weeks and it is the end of the week again - time really does fly.

  2. I've noticed a few ripe strawbs here too. Jx

  3. The strawberries were absolutely scrummy and I hope yours were too, Joan!
    Thanks for the kind comments, Sonja.
    J xxx