Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Good morning, gentle readers.
It's jolly windy here and the rain has just started.   I've just been round closing the winows because the heating keeps clicking on!  Not what one expects at the beginning of June, is it?  Brrrrr.
What's it like your way?

Yesterday was OK.  A bit of a rush when I got to school and I had to pop home because I forgot some books (doh!) but we got there eventually.  My lovely LSAs worked through a pile of stuff I needed them to do and it was lovely to see the children again.
I came home with a pile of marking.  It's a bottomless pit - you clear one lot only to see it stacking up again.

Looking outside, I think my outside maths lesson on measuring in metres is going to have to be deferred.  I can't see them coping with books, recording and metre sticks in this wind, can you?  It will drive them crazy.  Luckily, there's another lesson this week that I can substitute without too much hassle.  All the other lessons are indoors so they will be fine.

I do love the wind though.  I love watching the trees blowing and tossing and, even more, I love watching waves in a high wind.  There's no chance of seeing the sea today but there's plenty of trees around here including one next door that enhances the bottom of my garden and which is playing tag with the wind most energetically at the moment.

Well, better go - there's stuff to be done.  Stay warm, dry and safe today!


  1. The wind was fierce last night, there's trees down near me. I find the wind and rain leads to a tricky day at work.

  2. We must have sent the winds over to you guys as it was crazy windy on Saturday into Sunday here in Southern Ontario? I am you newest follower and look forward to getting to know you.


  3. Ditto, Jane, they can be hyper when it's windy!
    Looking forward to getting to know you too, Gill. Thanks for following.
    J x

  4. Jane, I hope there's not too much damage your way.
    J x

  5. I woke to a tree down on my street and debris everywhere, it was a wild night