Thursday 25 June 2015

Thursday (evening)

So sorry, lovely readers, for the silence but this morning I was shattered beyond belief and also worried about Infant Sports Day which was this afternoon.  Not worried for any specific reason but one always wonders if one has forgotten something and will end up looking a right fool with egg on ones face.  It's the same for the Christmas Show and any other like thing.

I hadn't, of course, and it all went swimmingly with some lovely sportsmanship showing from the children, bless them.  My colleagues were wonderful.  It was nice to go out with a bang and - to any parents who might possibly be reading this - thank you for the encouraging clap you gave me at the end.  You were lovely!

Of course, now I am totally worn out again so might not post an entry tomorrow morning.  I could hold this entry back but why?

Three weeks and one day to go.  There are secrets going on.  I wander into sight and conversations stop.  Envelopes are hurriedly hidden from sight.  Bless.  They can't, however, have a 'secret' party - with three of us, that's just unrealistic.  We all know about the party.

Yes, there are three of us retiring.  Between us we account for around a hundred years of contact with the school.  I started as a mummy helper in 1985 and I finish this year in 2015 so that's 40 years straight off,
(edited to say - see how tired I am - even my basic maths fails me this evening) although not all paid, of course!  We three are practically historical artifacts.  In fact, considering the changes that have gone on, there's no doubt about it!  My contact with the school started before many of the parents were born and even before the National Curriculum came into being.  Incredible.

Might see you tomorrow, might not.  Sleep well!


  1. Sounds like a lovely day!
    Lot of memories in that school - it will be a different place without you!

  2. :-) With three of us going, all long serving teachers, yes, it will make a difference and will create new opportunities too.
    J x