Tuesday, 9 June 2015


So sorry about yesterday, gentle readers.  Without going into any detail, after a weekend of not sleeping all that much I just didn't have the energy.  I resorted to one of those sugar and caffeine loaded 'energy drinks' at lunchtime which fired up my brain enough to manage the afternoon but which caused a crash later on.  Fortunately I was home by then so no problems.

Oddly, we had another power cut just after five.  Some of us in the cul de sac checked that it was not just one house and my lovely next door neighbour contacted her husband who checked online (we couldn't, of course) and he let her know they said power back on at eight thirty.  She also checked that I was OK for food, etc, which was very nice of her.  Thanks, J.
It's strange to have two cuts so close together when we haven't had any for years and years.

It was a dull evening so to make the most of the natural light I decided to sit out in the garden with a book and my fleece which was actually very nice, despite the lack of sun, until it started spitting with rain!  Fortunately the power came on earlier than expected so I spent the evening vegging in front of the telly before having a very early night and a great sleep.

 I do wish I didn't get so stressed out about stuff . . .

Today is, I think (hope) an ordinary day.

I've decided to ease off on Breadline while things are so fraught in other ways.  It will be back but right now I need to ease off on unnecessary pressures.


  1. I understand exactly where you are coming from I too have been trying to cut back on unnecessary work in an effort to reduce stress. At least I have the advantage of not having to go to work so I can rest when I feel like it within reason.
    That you have managed the breadline challenge for so long goes to show that it is possible to live on very little and let's hope it is an inspiration to those whose income is severely limited.

  2. Hope the pressure is going to ease very soon, not good when it encroaches into your sleep. Vibes you can loosen the valve and let off some steam ... {{{Joy}}} xx

  3. It is very sensible to treat yourself gently when you have other stress going on.
    I'm the same right now; v.much stress in one area, so letting up on myself in other areas.
    Sending hugs x

  4. Thank you, ladies all. I can feel myself settling down a bit now so that's good. I guess if I haven't learned to handle it better by now, I'm not likely to! :-) Tracey - I agree, gentle is the way to go for me. No point piling on the pressure, after all.
    J x

  5. So sorry to read of the pressure you are under and of your being so tired. Horrible for you. (hug).
    I think you are very wise to ease off with the breadline for now - it must make a lot of extra work and effort. You have done, and are doing, so very, very well with it all.
    Hope things ease up very, very soon and take great care! S.xxx