Monday 22 June 2015


OK, so it's coming up to the end of the month and I need to make a decision.  I don't want to go back to the really rigid approach that was stopping me from using things in the freezer because they were either not costed or they were too 'expensive' (silly really, seeing as I had already paid for them, but . . .)

So I have to find a middle way.

I want to keep reporting on things as the accountability really helped but the costing out was a real pain when life was so busy.

I think I will post about what I eat but not about cost.  You will be able to judge from the content whether I'm being wasteful or not.  And so will I!  Posting kept me on the straight and narrow.

Comments welcome.


  1. That sounds like an excellent idea, Joy - good for you. I can imagine that writing down helps with the accountability.
    Hope your wrist and backside are not too sore!
    Take great care.

  2. You'll never be 'wasteful' make sure to enjoy life; after all it's a one-way trip for us all. Jx

  3. I enjoyed reading what you were eating and seeing how you were keeping under the breadline, but agree that we don't need to read the costings.
    I'm very tempted to start doing the same once it is just Man Wonderful et moi in the Autumn after the kidlets have moved out.

  4. Thanks for the comments, ladies. I shall start planning again and resume posting at the weekend. Your input is much appreciated.
    J x