Sunday, 21 June 2015


What a dismal day it was yesterday, to be sure.  The early sun vanished fairly quickly although it remained dry until after the beginning of the June Fair.  I was on the gate so we sat in the drizzle getting not terribly wet until just before the Infant dance (organised by yours truly, the KS coordinator).

I was so mortified.  As the dance started I realised that a Y2 didn't have a partner so I whizzed over to him to be his partner.  Just sixteen beats before the end of the dance, I slipped on the damp grass and went a right cropper in front of what felt like thousands of parents, most of whom were filming!  I landed on my bum and one wrist.  The bum is well padded and OK but the wrist is now rather sore.  But the biggest hurt is to my self esteem!!!

The daft thing is I was so careful to ensure that the children had suitable shoes for dancing but had smooth soled sandals on myself as I had not expected to dance.

As it's the last June fair dance I will choreograph, I think I can properly say I went out with a bang.  Shame it was me on the floor, that's all!  I wonder if it registered on the Richter Scale!

I had intended to spend rather a lot at my last June Fair as a member of staff staff but ended up going home early.  I did buy some raffle tickets so who knows and I had bought some rather nice looking flowers before the gates opened - two pretty pink trailing geraniums (one dark and one light) and a tray of dianthus.  They are now in their pots in their probably forever place and I will see how I think they look over the next few days before planting them properly.  The middle bed is now complete for the year and, with any luck, most of what is planted will come up again year after year.  I like beds like that!  My mum said that once I retired my garden would be a show place.  It won't, I don't know enough, but it should look quite pretty all the same.  All I want is for it to be a pleasant place in which to sit out.

So now it is Sunday and it's a full day of work as I was zonked yesterday and snuggled cosily under my owly fleece for the rest of the day, feeling ridiculously sorry for myself!  Well, things were sore!
The rain stayed around and drizzled heavily which gave the beds a pretty good soaking, thank goodness, before clearing up at some point in the early evening - no idea when because I was asleep - when the sun shone again.  A heavy shower can be worse than useless as most of it runs away but a steady heavy drizzle works a treat!

Now it is dull and damp again.  There's been more rain by the looks of things and there could be more to come.  No complaints from me as the plants are all looking so much happier this morning after a long, gentle drink.  There's even some flower buds on the tomato plants.

Have a wonderful day, rain or shine.  Mine is work filled - how about you?


  1. Joy so sorry to hear that you have had a fall and are now suffering the consequences. Take it easy today hot baths are definitely recommended to ease some of the sore places.

  2. What a shame to fall like that. :-(
    Sending you a huge hug. X x

  3. You poor love! What a nasty fall and I can well believe you must be feeling sore and shocked, too. Do so hope you will feel better soon!
    The flowers you bought sound lovely, as does the dance your children did.
    Do take the greatest care. Like you, I will be working all day again.

  4. What rotten luck, so kind of you to step in when you spotted the partnerless dancer. One good turn certainly didn't yield another this time. At least you won't be easily forgotten ...;-) Hope the wrist and padding is not hindering you too much and healing nicely.

    I think your Mother is right, there is definitely a very greenfingered woman lurking in there itching to get out...

    Hope you get some rest amidst all the work planned for today.

  5. Thank you, lovely ladies. It's just my wrist now that still hurts (apart from the hurt to my pride) and that will take a bit of time but isn't major!
    J x

  6. At least there is the consolation of knowing that my bone density must be pretty good!!!
    J x