Wednesday 24 June 2015


I noticed something really exciting yesterday.  Some of my tomato plants have flowers.  Cute little mini trusses that should turn into nice big ones!  This year I have been very frugal and not indulged in grafted plants that cost the earth (although they have always paid for themselves).  I have been even more frugal and wangled six plants out of my dad!  They're all very healthy and seem to be growing fast at the moment so here's hoping.

The strawberries have been great this year, despite the cold weather.  I only have a small number of plants but the fruit has been wonderful.  I have decided to devote the rest of my very small veg bed to rooting the runners that are already being thrown out in hopes of an even better crop next year.

I shall be helping Beth with her allotment once I have the time, so I will be able to share in the produce there.  That means I can go a bit less frugal with my own bed.

I remember that in the house I used to live just before my divorce, we had a wonderful asparagus bed and I enjoyed the results of that for a few years.  Imagine my dismay when I heard that 'they' built an extension over the bed.  So sad.  Maybe - one day . . . you never know.
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  1. I see absolutely no reason why you shouldn't have an asparagus patch on the allotment if you want one. I think it takes three years before there's anything to eat though. And it will take some weeding of course. But why not? Asparagus fern is pretty in flower arrangements too, and once it gets going you can leave it all summer which does provide weed cover at least.

  2. Lucky ladies! The asparagus season is short, but the veg are delicious. Jx

  3. I love asparagus, grow some for me! (I have no garden)

  4. I love asparagus, grow some for me! (I have no garden)

  5. If it ever comes to fruition, Chrissie, we will think of you each time! :-)
    J x