Saturday 20 June 2015


It's another bright, sunny morning here, although the forecast is not good for later on.  That's a shame because it is our June Fair today and it looks as if we will have drizzly rain.  All very sad because people work so hard to get the show on the road.

Yesterday was nice.  Quite a lot of sun and fairly warm but not too hot.  I'm afraid I was in bed before eight yet again and I slept the clock round too.

It's a very full weekend so I will say no more except to wish you all well for today.  What are you doing?  Anything exciting or interesting?


  1. We have the Grandchildren as the kids are - finally - having a couple of days Honeymoon!
    Just had a picnic lunch on the floor in the front room, and shortly we will be going to the park to y on the swings and feed the ducks.
    Lots of frugal fun to be had!

  2. Oh, that sounds lovely, Tracey. i hope you're having the best time ever.
    J x