Saturday 27 June 2015

Breadline 27-6-15

It's back.  I've missed the planning but not the detailed penny counting.  However, I learnt a lot from the experience and know I can do it again, if necessary.

Fo the next little while I won't give sums but I will continue to eat out of the freezer and cook as much as possible from fresh.  I know it is the best way and need to get the weight thingy under control again anyway.

So - yesterday
Breakfast:  nothing
Lunch:  crackers - and they stayed down, yay!
Dinner:  baked chicken wrapped in bacon, salad veg.  Strawberries from the garden.  And I was fine - phew.

Breakfast:  toast and marmite, fruit
Lunch:  cheese, water biscuits, chutney, fruit
Dinner:  steamed salmon, new pots, broccoli, yogurt

I am making soda bread and oaty biscuits as I have a friend coming.

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