Wednesday 3 June 2015


It was another very blowy day yesterday and, I expect, over most of the country.  There's still a fair bit of wind even now but it is reducing in strength.  There wasn't much rain, however, thank goodness, because our Foundation Stage was off on its trip to Tropical Wings!  By evening the sun was out and it was rather lovely.

From where I am sitting I can see that the sun if rising as it is shining on a roof top.  Maybe it will be a lovely day today.  I do hope so.  I think we all need some sunshine to cheer us up.

Yesterday was quite tiring.  The children were affected by the wind, as they so often are, and it was a long day with meetings after school as well.

Today is the 'different' day.  No library but we do have violins and then it is PPA in the afternoon.  It's all go today, one way or another!

So I'd better get going then!


  1. busy days make the time go faster though? Haven't talked to my mam in a couple of days so no idea what the weather is like in Cumbria. I hope Friday is fine though for them as they are moving house that day.

  2. They do, don't they? Very true. It all seems to have settled down now with promise of fine weather to come so fingers crossed for your mam's move.
    J x