Thursday, 4 June 2015


I can't believe how quickly this week is going!  Thursday already!  I wish time would slow down.

The weather has really calmed down again.  It's very still and last night felt a lot warmer.  No need for an extra cover and it was almost too warm under the quilt a few times.  The forecast for today is good but there's a weather warning out for tomorrow - storms, I gather.  I guess that means sweaty humidity.  Ah, well . . .

I'm off to a moderation meeting at the end of school.  My first ever (and last too) so it will be interesting and, hopefully, helpful.  Then on Monday there's our internal moderation meeting.  I think I have all the sheets ready but, again, it is my first experience of it all.

In the meanwhile, I'd better go over the planning and get myself ready.

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