Sunday 17 November 2013


I'm writing this rather later than usual, having has a wonderful night's sleep and waking at a time which, for me, amounts to a good lie in!  Excellent.  It's not so cold outside this morning - no frost, unlike yesterday and Friday, but I gather much colder weather is on its way!  What will come, will come!

I had a busy morning.  My friend couldn't come which is perhaps just as well because the shopping took much longer than I anticipated.  I managed to get most of the stuff I needed but I realied later that one of the things is wrong and I will have to buy again - a right pain!

On the way to B&Q I noticed that the fuel light was on so I stopped off at Sainsbury's to fill up.  Not only was it about the cheapest place in the area, I also got a voucher with £14 off if I spent over £70.  That's not bad in anyone's book so on the way back I stopped back off and did some shopping for Christmas, etc, to use it up.  There's always a short expiry on these things and I do tend to forget I have them.

Back home I set to and made some soup.  Two soups, in fact, one a mixed veg and lentil and the other a spicy carrot and lentil.  I do love lentils in soup!!!  They're both delicious and it is nice to be able to offer my guests a choice.  I have posted them both over in Teacher's Recipes, here and here.

This morning I have a downstairs to tidy, dust and sweep, bread to make (it's rising as I type) and a cake to make, hopefully a bit more successfully than last time.  Better get going!

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