Tuesday, 12 November 2013


It was all go yesterday.  I was involved in leading performance management yesterday which was very enjoyable but not completed because four were unable to make it so we continue later on in the week.  We had a first read-through rehearsal of Snowman at Sunset over the lunch break and the children all seem very keen.  I sent them away to learn their parts on page three so we will see today . . .

Today is coordinator time (much needed) and then PPA, so I haven't really seen all that much of my class yet.  I did pop in to say hello to them all a few times and the cover teacher seemed to be getting on well with them.

With all my thinking about trying to reduce fuel bills, I noticed that Morrisons had halogen heaters for sale, not all that expensive, so after school I popped over and bought one.  It seems more sensible to use something like that rather than turn the heating on or up, when all that is needed is a bit of short term spot warmth.  Anyway, we will see.

And now I must finish off clearing the spare room and work starts on it today!  I'm nervous about that but I'm sure it will look lovely when it is done.


  1. good luck with the decorating, I am looking for a replacement gas fire for similar reasons. I hate the one I have which is now broken so it seems silly to spend money having it mended.

  2. Not if you can get a nice shiny new one, I totally agree!
    J x