Friday 15 November 2013


Good morning.  Those who know me will be glad (I hope) to read that I have recovered my equinamity after a most discouraging meeting on Wednesday and yesterday was a Good Day (yes, with capital letters too)!

It's amazing how quickly us teachers can bounce back.  It doesn't take much - well, it does, but 'much' often happens.  For me, yesterday, it was the results of a phonic assessment covering the phonics done so far this term.  They were very good and very encouraging.  As L said, they may not always look as if they are taking it all in but they obviously are!  Three cheers.

I was on playground duty twice.  My goodness, it was jolly cold.  It was coat and gloves weather so it's a shame I didn't have any gloves with me.  I need to dig them out from wherever I put them when winter finished.

The newspapers online seem full of this shocking winter we are supposed to be having starting as soon as next week.  You'd think it was armageddon, looking at some of the headlines . . .

'Coldest winter in modern times'

'Winter weather hell as killer storm heads towards BRITAIN for Christmas' (capitals are not mine)

. . . to quote just two.
The met office, on the other hand, is not at all impressed with the dramatic predictions.  Trust them to add a good dose of common sense to the mix!  However, even they seem to feel that it's going to be quite cold next week!!  This morning I stuck my head out of the window and it smelt icy, if you know what I mean.  I looked again a few moments ago and it seems to have warmed up a bit (and clouded over).  Does this mean a wet day to come?

As we practise for our Christmas show, Snowman at Sunset (maybe an inspired choice this year???) my thought go back to two years ago - no, three years ago, 2010 (according to my entries here) when we had several snow days at the beginning of December and the show had to be moved back a week.  I do hope that doesn't happen this year, it was a right pain!!!

Not that hoping will change what is to be, of course!


  1. Newspapers need to be filled somehow and the 'silly' seasons are being extended year by year, much more fun making things up than actually addressing serious issues.
    I remember that early December snow very well, couldn't get the car out for 10 days and no buses either. The novelty soon wore off ...

  2. ..and phonics are useful in later life too - had to put some German verses of Silent Night into phonetics for my husband as he is to sing with the U3A choir in their Christmas Extravaganza .. jolly difficult it is too ...:-)

  3. Three snow days we had. It was a nuisance by the end.
    I agree that phonics are useful, especially if one has to read professional 'literature' with big words!!!
    I hope your husband has a super time with the choir.
    J x