Thursday 7 November 2013


Sorry about yesterday.  Things were a bit hectic and there was little time to collect my thoughts, one way and another.  Today is also busy but not quite so much!

It's jolly cold outside but, thank goodness, not raining.  it seems to have done nothing but rain for days with wet playtimes and restless children all over the place.  Rather wearing really!

This is short - I need to get on with stuff.  I hope all my readers have a lovely day and I'll be back in full voice soon, I am sure!


  1. Looking at the timing of your post I hope you had a bit more sleep ...

  2. Hope it stops raining very soon so that the children can get outside. You sound incredibly busy, but hope everything is going well!
    Take great care.

  3. More sleep? That was after my more sleep. :-)
    Your wish was granted, Sonja. It's been lovely all day. Cold but dry and quite sunny.
    J x

  4. So glad the weather has been better, great news. I bet the children were pleased to be able to get out.
    It's been lovely here in Camberley - bit overcast, but bits of bright sunshine inbetween. Much more pleasant temperaturewise, too - i.e. colder! :o)
    Sleep well! :o) S.xxxx