Thursday 14 November 2013


Wasn't it cold yesterday morning?  Well, it was here, with the first real frost of the season, a car-scrapingly cold start which slowly morphed into a gloriously sunny autumnal day.  It's cold again this morning and I'm sitting here with a fleece wrapped round me, thinking I really ought to dig out my dressing gown at some point soon bacause I am NOT going to turn up the heating!

It was a good day too, the children  were fun to be with most of the time and it's a shame it all ended with the most demoralising, depressing, self esteem and confidence crushing staff meeting I think I have ever been to - so I am saying no more about it!

There's been more progress with the bedroom.  All the old paper has gone, the artex has gone and it's shiny new all over with fresh plaster on walls and ceiling.  It now has to dry, of course, and the house feels slightly damp as it does so, but never mind.  Next will be the painting and then they can get going with the rest of the job - building the units and laying the flooring.

Looking better!
I remember when they had just plastered the extension and I decided that the plaster colour was more or less what I wanted the final walls to be painted, having previously really struggled to decide what colour I really wanted.  That's not an option in the bedroom and I'm going for bog standard magnolia which seems to go well with just about anything and is great as a neutral background.

So this Saturday I am on a hunt for lights and rugs and a curtain rail (must remember to measure up!).


  1. If you are thinking of Magnolia as a paint colour have a look at gardenia which is what I have gone for it is only slightly different and goes with everything.

  2. I've not heard of that. I'll take a look, thanks.
    J x