Wednesday 20 November 2013


. . . and there's a very hard frost out there!  In fact, when I came out of school yesterday evening, the car windscreen needed de-icing before I drove away.  Winter has started.  No snow days though, please, pretty please!

It's a funny old week.  Monday was OK, then yesterday it was PPA and coordinator time, today I am out of class in the afternoon observing and doing a planning and work scrutiny for my subject area, on Thursday I am out of class all day with a choir rehearsal in the morning (at a local secondary school) and finishing off the performance management interviews in the afternoon and then Friday is my SEN day.

This morning is all muddled around too.  because I am missing my dance practise today and tomorrow (and the supply cover can't do it because it's for the Christmas Show) I've swapped around which means that after play is dance, not ICT.  This is a Good Thing because I can now move it to next week where there was something of a gap before.  It's nice to have the flexibility!

Amazingly, this is coming to the end of the third week of the half term.  It has flashed past.  Soon all the Christmas stuff will take over with brightness and sparkle and that will be it!

Have a lovely day.

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