Thursday 21 November 2013


Another cold start to the day, especially when one wakes up before the heating comes on.  I suppose I could set the heating to come on earlier but I don't want to - it's expensive enough as it is!  A very quick peek outside shows me that it's windy right now which means that it's going to feel jolly cold!  Brrrrrrrrrrr.

The built in wardrobes are coming on up in the spare room.  They're nowhere near finished yet but you can see how they will look with the eye of imagination and the storage they will give me is very impressive.  I'm glad I am having it done now.  I wasn't last week as everything was dismantled and a right mess and I was missing the old and familiar.  But now - well, it will be good!
Floor to ceiling fitted.  The unit on the right is the hanging space with shelf above and below, the rest is all storage.  The shelves you can see are fixed shelves and there will be several moveable ones as well.  Great use of the alcove, I think!
Yesterday was a very confusing day!  I had to swap a load of things around in order to get a dance practice in the morning because I couldn't have it at the scheduled time of the afternoon.  That had a knock on effect so most things got swapped around or discarded.  It didn't help that I needed to schedule in a 'last chance family assembly practice' as well.

We did get some work done though, you will be relieved to read, and I was so pleased with my class in family assembly.  They spoke up, remembered to stand up and sit down at the right times, didn't forget what they had to say and generally did themselves proud.  Three cheers, it was worth all the hard work before hand!  And that's me done this term - the next one will be in March some time.

The afternoon was taken with me observing a lesson and undertaking a work and planning scrutiny of one year group.  It's the first one I have done for PSHE, which I started coordinating in September.  It was actually very interesting.  Because PSHE is a 'small' subject, there wasn't an awful lot of hard work involved in looking at the work and the planning and the lesson observation was a delight from start to finish. Amazingly, I finished all the work, including the write up, by the end of the day, with a little more done after staff meeting ended.  I'm well pleased with that!
And to cap it all, the cover teacher told me she had a lovely time with my class!  Big smiles all round!

Today is also - different!
This  morning I am off with the school choir to a local secondary school for a rehearsal of the songs they/we will be doing at Westminster Cathedral.  I have a sort of terrified/excited feeling inside at the thought, so heaven only knows what I will be like in six or so hours' time!!  I leave my class with an agency teacher who has taken them several times before and with whom they get on really well, so no concerns.
The afternoon will see me finishing off the performance management interviews for the LSAs and I will be glad to draw a line under them, not because they have been a bad experience but because they should have been finished last week and weren't because four were absent for one reason or another, so they've been hanging on rather..

And all the while it will be getting colder, I gather.  Brrrrrr.  Time to get out the blankets!


  1. Wardrobes are looking very promising, drool, drool!

  2. I'm pleased so far. I think once they're all painted and finished it's going to look really very good indeed. And all that storage . . . great!
    J x