Wednesday 13 November 2013


 . . . and heigh ho, it's nearly half way through the week, time certainly flies when you are busy, doesn't it?  Yesterday was another busy day with plenty to keep me out of trouble.  Today I have my class back which is a great joy as I have missed them very much.

The curriculum is certainly fragmenting rather as Christmas show rehearsals take over.  If OFSTED came a-calling in the next few weeks they'd get a somewhat distorted picture of life in the Infants, that's for sure.  I think it is all going well but it's hard to tell really.

I wanted to print out the programmes yesterday but found that there was no coloured paper.  Thank goodness one can order and it arrives the next day.  Now I need to store away what I don't use for next year AND remember where I have stored it.  Big ask!!!

When I left for school yesterday my spare bedroom was in pristine condition, much more so than usual as I had cleared the room of all but the furniture.  When I got home, oh dear, such a change.  It will be worth it but I will miss the room that was, even though the room that is to be will be good, hopefully better.
Dire, isn't it?


  1. I'm sure the room will be fine when finished but yes it does look dire at the moment. Wall paper stripping is such a messy business.

  2. It looks a lot better since it has been plastered. Farewell artex ceiling!!

    It now looks damp - well, it would!