Saturday 9 November 2013


Yes, at last it's the weekend.  Five days back and already we're walking around like zombies.  It's been a very intensive week what with all the normal stuff plus diving headlong into Christmas show stuff.  This is now my fifth year of 'producing' (for want of a better word) the Christmas Show and while the actual show work itself is still as much hard work as usual, the 'peripherals' get easier - things like inviting the governors, making the programmes, etc.  It helps that I always keep things from year to year so have sort of templates of things to re-use.  It makes a huge difference.

So the script is out, the parts chosen, rehearsals for the acting parts start Monday lunchtime.  That's farewell to my lunchbreaks for the next four weeks and hello to super-organisation before school starts, to make sure the afternoon resources are ready and waiting!
The hall practice timetable is on the staff board (no complaints this time - phew), colleagues are deciding on what they want for costumes so we can let the parents know, the 'Christmas' staff meeting is set (very early this year as the date I wanted is an INSET day) and I know what we need to make for the backdrop.  All good and all done!

Yesterday was SEN day and I had a long list of things to do that didn't get done because pastoral things needed my attention.  Bit of a pain really - the not getting things done, I mean, not the things that did need doing.  Ah, well!!!  I'm sure there will be a spare three or four hours at some point in the next seven days - but it won't be this weekend!!!

Have a good one!

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