Friday, 22 November 2013


Another week over, another week done (all but today, of course)  For teachers, weeks run from Monday to Friday and weekends are something entirely different!  Again, it's cold outside and the heating has clicked on but maybe it will warm up a bit later on.

Yesterday was a funny old day.  Highs and lows.

The highs:

The choir (and I) went to a rehearsal of the Christmas songs (including mine!) to a lovely secondary school.  I was really pleased with the interpretation of the song by the conductor (who happens to be our school's head too) and I didn't make too many fumbles while accompanying them either.  I'm not a great pianist by any means but if I can't play my own music it would be a poor thing!

Then it was back to school for a nice lunch followed by performance management interviews which also went well.  All done now!

While social networking after school, I read a message from my daughter announcing that Alex has been given an 'award' (whatever that means) for academic progress and academic achievement.  Wow and double wow.  This is the lad who was at a special school for PMLD (profound and multiple learning difficulties) with an autism base until the summer of 2012 and who hadn't done the national curriculum in any subject but maths.  He's now top set material in science based subjects, despite the lack of previous learning.  I am so, so proud of him and of Beth too - she's an amazing mum.  I'm feeling tearful just thinking about it now, in a happy way, of course!

After three good (brilliant) things there had to be a counterbalance and when I got home I discovered that there was no power out to the shed.  The freezers are in the shed!  Eeeeeeek.  Thank goodness Beth was here and had asked for something from the freezer or it would have been several days, maybe, before I noticed that the shed was out.  After a quick phone call, the lovely lad (OK man, but he's a lad to me seeing as I remember him at primary school, poor bloke) who is doing up my spare room came over and said he would sort things out for me today, starting with a temporary rig up from the house so that the freezers are OK.  Phew. And not long afterwards I discovered that all the sockets in the extension area of the house and upstairs are out and they were OK this morning so whatever happened, happened today.  Good news for the freezer contents.
So I rigged up some lamp lighting in the bedroom (lucky for me I have a number of extension cables) and also connected the alarm clock although that wouldn't have been a problem as I always wake well before the alarm!  It's there more for peace of mind than anything else!

Today is SEN day and as always I have a list of things as long as my arm.  Keeps me out of trouble, for sure!

Stay safe, everyone!


  1. Thank goodness the weather is cold the freezer should stay frozen if left unopened. We really don't appreciate electricity until it fails. You might like this one:- What is the definition of a torch? somewhere to store dead batteries!!!!!

  2. LOL. Well, that's certainly true in my case. :-) I love that!
    The electrician is coming out this morning so fingers crossed it is easily sorted.
    That was just about my first thought re the freezer food. It's jolly cold so should be good for several days by which time things will be fixed.
    J x

  3. You must be SO proud of Alex. What a fantastic achievment for him and how far he has come! Wll done Alex.
    PS Oh and sorry about the electrics. Hope they can be sorted soon.

  4. Fantastic news about the choral trip going so well, Alex' award (congratulation Alex!) and the electrics didn't spoil the Xmas goodies ...Phew! Ax

  5. The electrician is coming round this evening so fingers crossed. I'm still well chuffed about Alex!
    J x