Thursday 28 November 2013


Good morning, everybody.  When I peeped out this morning it felt cold but not freezing and it hasn't been raining, which is good.  I'm on playground duty morning and afternoon today so staying fine is definitely what the teacher ordered.  Warm would be better but I'm not daft enough to expect that!

Yesterday was another lovely day with a lot going on and, for a change, staff meeting was encouraging and positive.  We looked at the new maths curriculum and compared it with current expectations.  As we have always delivered beyond what the expectation for the year group there weren't too many nasty surprises although I suspect those responsible for the new curriculum don't have an awfully in depth understanding of maths and very little children.  Having said that, we left the meeting feeling pretty encouraged and not too worried about our ability to deliver it without too many unsettling changes.  So all very good really!
I suspect it will be very different when we look at the new orders for english/literacy!

Today is a right mish mash of a day.  It starts normally enough with Reading Revelry, Word Workshop and literacy but then it morphs into Christmas show stuff for the rest of the day.  I am taking over assembly to continue teaching/practising the songs, after play my class has a dance practice and the afternoon is taken up with our first complete run through.  That, combined with playground duties and a lunchtime rehearsal for the cast, gives me a very busy, packed day and I suspect I will be fit for nothing this evening.  Never mind, the show must go on as the saying goes!!!

And so must I - I need to iron some clothes and get myself ready!!
Have a good day and Diane - take it easy and stay warm and rested.


  1. If only instead of continual changes, they'd leave well alone. Hope your rehearsals go well. Jx

  2. Leaving well alone would be lovely but it's in the flying pig department of life, i fear.
    J x