Saturday 23 November 2013


It's still cold but, joy of joys, the inside of my freezers are much colder.  Yes, the electrical problem has been sorted and it was as I suspected, connected to the work in the spare room.  When the power was restored the warning lights came on for both freezers because the temperature had warmed to minus 10 but that's not going to be any kind of problem, is it?  Three cheers.  A plus is that now I know where the power from the shed enters the house.  Another plus is that now all the extension cables can be stored in one place.  I seem to have a fair number of them one way and another and very useful they have proved themselves to be over the last 24 hours or so!
This is the best I can do at the moment.  I can't get any further away because on all the desorating clutter, etc.  It's starting to look really good (potentially), although there's a way to go yet.
I got up really early today - before four o'clock - so I came down and pottered, then felt the sleepiness returned so went back up to bed again.  I woke suddenly after seven, remembered that my friends, Sonja and Milli, were dropping in at about nine-ish so got going with my bath.  Little did I know that they were outside the house, having had a good drive around London and they had sent me two texts and an email.  Well, I never hear much until I have put in my hearing aids!!!
Fortunately, as I got out of the bath, I peeped out of the window and saw their car!  Eeeek!  So I let them in and rushed with drying and dressing!
They're on their way again now but it was so lovely to see them and to have a bit of time for a chat.  And that's why this entry is late!

It was another good day yesterday.  I didn't do half of what I wanted to do but never mind, I had a great meeting with a brilliant LSA and I got some paperwork done and dusted.  It was cold all day and even the children didn't ask about coats, they just put them on!

And now it's the weekend.  The house is tidy, well, downstairs is anyway and I had a panic tidy up of my bedroom yesterday morning in case the electrician needed access.  I really couldn't have let anyone in in the state it was.  Another half hour or so and it will be spick, span and tidy too.

It's bread making day, of course.  As well as that I want to pull the remaining carrots and deal with them (blanch and freeze).  Also I have a pile of apples and plums and intend to make some more spiced apple and plum jam which will be Christmas presents for all the lovely school people who help and support me so much from day to day.  Then I will defrost and use a couple of the packs of mince I got from Donald Russell.  I have veg to use up so it will be ideal for that.  Cottage pie for lunch tomorrow, I reckon

The planning is done, the resources are made, the weekend looms, plenty of cooking and the electricity is working.  Sheer bliss!

Oh - and a bedroom to finish tidying (you never know!!!).

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