Tuesday 5 November 2013


I'm awake and up good and early this morning so have a little more time.  I've emptied and reloaded the dishwasher (much needed) and taken a peek out to see . . . well, not an awful lot really because the street lights are still out.  The ground is wet, the cars have raindrops on them, it's cold but not icy so who knows what today will be like from that.  Popping over to the BBC weather, it tells me that it's raining and that it will carry on raining more or less all morning which puts the clappers on the outdoor games lesson right enough!  Extra maths, here we come!
Borrowed from Google Images!
It was jolly cold yesterday, despite the sun.  A school like ours, open plan round a central corridor, loses heat quite quickly after the children have gone and the heating goes off so by five it was dark and quite shivery working alone in the classroom.  When I got home the warmth was very welcoming but, after warming up, I turned the heating down a couple of degrees and intend doing this whenever I can (i.e. whenever I don't have guests and when I remember) to counter balance the financial damage wrought by the fuel rises a bit.  After all, at home I can wrap up in fleeces, quilts, etc, and put on extra socks to keep my tootsies warm when necessary.
As a certain business says, 'every little helps'.
Another borrow from Google Images!
Well, we are back into the swing of things very quickly.  I was a bit panicky over half term because I had ordered materials for our Infant Christmas Show ages ago and they hadn't arrived.  Now that's something of a disaster because getting it all ready to suit our needs can take several days of spare time so I like to have it all ready before half term so my colleagues can start thinking about their dance, sort out suitable music, etc.  After a number of sleepless hours (funny how these things always seem more worrying in the middle of the night) I decided to use a show we have done before, a while ago now, Snowman at Sunset.  I still have the script for that and, even better, I have the 'choreography' (cough) for the dance my class did so I don't have to spend the first few weeks trying things out!
Of course, having made that decision and told my colleagues (nobody minded, everyone was happy with that), it was inevitable that the three show books and DVDs should arrive and so they did, with the morning post.  Too late now!  However, looking on the bright side, I have three new shows to pick and choose from so that covers the next three shows after this one and by then we can repeat without any clashes as we will have seven show resources - Snowman at Sunset, Oops a Daisy Angel, The Sleepy Shepherd, Shine, Star, Shine and the three new ones.  That will CERTAINLY see me up to retirement, however long I stay on for!!

So my coordinator time today is fully booked up with Christmas Show stuff after which it should more or less run itself for a couple of weeks.  Which is just as well because in three weeks' time it is our Family Assembly and I have NO idea what we're going to do.  Better start thinking, quickly!!


  1. The Christmas play or potential plays sound lovely and I know what you mean about worrying about these things during the night. I must confess I do exactly the same, and yet in the light of day, everything seems less of a problem somehow....strange how that works.
    Love the snowman image! :o)
    Have a lovely day! S.xxx

  2. Hoping the payment came from school funds. Time for staff to step back and let the real costs show, she opines hopefully. How lovely to be in your school with a proper Christmassy term. Jx

  3. Yes, Joan, the school was invoiced, although in the past I have paid for things myself. I even have a bit of a budget for this show which is great! We probably won;t need it but, in case we do, it's reassuring.
    Sonja, I think in the daytime we have so many other things to think about, our worries get pushed to the back of our minds but in the middle of the night there's nothing else to distract.
    J x

  4. Yes, Joy, you could well be right and that this is exactly why these things pop into our heads and rattle around during the night. It's a nuisance really...
    Hope you have been able to sleep better despite being so busy!
    Have a good day. S.xxx