Monday 18 November 2013


Wasn't it a dull and dreary day yesterday?  It certainly was here.  Mum and dad arrived just before lunch and decided that they needed to leave earlier than expected because they drove through some mist on the way here that looked as if it was only going to get worse.  By the time they left, it was obvious that they were right but they got home without mishap in a good time.
Borrowed from Google Images
Peeping out of the front door it's misty, wet and cold.  Deelightful!!

Lunch went down well.  What with seconds, etc, there isn't as much left over as I had expected, but there's certainly enough to see me through several lunches at school, three cheers!  Beth and Al took a good chunk of the cake, which turned out extremely well, unlike the last one.  I think the recipe is at fault because this time I changed the timings and speeds (using Thermione) and it was so much better!  There's not a lot of bread left either.  It was a very attractive four strand plaited loaf and the taste and texture were both great.

For a while now I have been intending to get some 'steps' for my three doors, all of which have quite a drop on the outside.  Not that I'm getting old or anything, you understand, but anything for an easier life.  There's a fairly local company in Bishop's Stortford who do them very reasonably and here's a picture.  Ignore the walking stick!  My parents brought three over with them and now they are in the relevant places around the outside of my house.  It doesn't half make a difference when I'm balancing a tray of stuff on my way to the freezer, believe me!

Today is frantically busy from beginning to end.  I sorted out all the programmes for the show, split them into class numbers and generally tried to make it as easy for my colleagues as possible to allocate them to the families.  However, I left the covering letter at school so will have to sort that out at some point today, playtime probably.  There's no violins today and no assembly because of individual photos, so it's going to be a very long day, I think.  Then after school we're having our Christmas meeting to get everything ready for the show - allocate tickets, paint the back drop, eat mince pies and pringles, drink . . . oh, you get the idea.

I will sleep well tonight!  :-)


  1. Joy a loader is exactly that. one who loads the guns for those shooting you will also be expected to clean the guns at the end of the day and give advice to those shooting if they are missing!!!!

  2. Ah - thanks. I was thinking of loading shelves only it's stacking and I didn't think you needed training for that!
    J x