Saturday 16 November 2013

Saturday! Yay!

. . . and it feels jolly cold outside.  Dressing gown is on and I must locate my slippers too (or get some more from Matalan).  A bedroom tidy up is long overdue, I feel.

As usual, yesterday was a good day.  As it was SEN day, I had two meeting, one of which was 'important', both of which went well.  My children produced some good work for C.  I wasn't on playground duty (because of the meeting!!!) and that's good because it felt pretty chilly, despite the sun.

 I am back on the Saturday Soups now, with some left over bag that needs using up so this soup will have spuds, carrot, onion, leek and celery with lentils and marigold veg stock, plus whatever seasonings come to mind (or hand).  I'm looking forward to great use of Thermione through her first winter with me.  lest weekend I saw, in Morrisons, that they had  quality carton 'fresh' soups on sale as a BOGOF so I bought two cartons of  Glorious New England Butternut Squash soup but you know what - it was too sweet and too salty and I didn't really like it at all.  I ate a bit and B and A had their share but no-one wanted any seconds and I threw the remains away instead of taking it to school for lunch on Monday.  What a waste but I've learnt a lesson - home made soups are best!

Today, early, I am off to B&Q with a list.  Handles for the new bedroom units, lights (two wall mounted and one ceiling, a curtain rail, granular salt (for the water softener) and a spray bottle.

The spray bottle is because over on facebook someone posted a tip.  Three parts vinegar to one part water, in a spray bottle.  Spray it over your car windows if it's going to be frosty and in the morning (so the tip says) there will be frost on the windows.  Well, I reckon for the cost of a spray bottle (which I will use for other things if it doesn't work), it is well worth a try, especially with frost forecast.  I dislike scraping the car in the freezing cold!
I've just googled (how would we ever manage without google nowadays?) and it is on this site plus lots of other ideas/uses so I reckon it's worth a go.
I'll let you know!

Now I'm off into the kitchen to get the soup on, empty the dishwasher, etc, etc, etc.  Have a great Saturday!

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