Sunday 3 November 2013

A few adverts

This post is a couple of adverts.  I don't usually do adverts and the ladies concerned have neither requested or paid for this.  I am advertising them because I think they are brilliant!

There's some very talented ladies connected with my school.  First of all, JustJules, who makes THE most wonderful cakes, cupcakes, etc.  She made this cake (apologies for the poor photography) to celebrate four family birthdays for my do yesterday.  All the little sugar paste model reflect the four people's interests, one way or another.  Here's just a few of the photos I took.

Music, sewing, computers


JustJules can be found on Facebook or she has her own site here.  For up to date photos, use Facebook - you can message her from there.
If you're local to me, she is well worth using - not cheap but brilliant!  She's the best!

Secondly, Lisa, who has her own business, 'Sweet Tooth Trees'  
Lisa makes sweet trees.  I don't know how to describe them really so here's a photo.  They are eye catching, unusual, can be made to order with your own choice of colour and sweets and, I believe, can be sent by post.  Last Christmas she made one for me on a cone to resemble a Christmas tree and she made one for my 'do' yesterday.
This is the photo Lisa sent me to show me what it looked like!
Lisa has supplied trees for Katie Piper and Katie Price.  The best thing is to look at her Facebook page where thare are loads of photos.  Here's just one, made to celebrate a birth.
Cute, isn't it?
She's a very talented lady and she's also my lovely class TA.


  1. what fabulous cakes there are some really talented people around!!!!

  2. There are, aren't there. Jules and Lisa are two of the best in my book!
    J x

  3. I don't suppose Jules does on line orders does she? her cakes look wonderful!

  4. Unless you are local, delivery would be a problem, I think, Anne.
    You can contact her through facebook (the link is in the post)
    J x

  5. My goodness, how wonderful! Both the cakes and the sweet trees - brilliant ideas! Sounds like you had a great time, too, Joy...lovely!