Sunday 3 November 2013


Yesterday's Novemberish gloom evaporated into a rather lovely day, bright and sunny although not terribly warm.  No chance of mist this morning as it is really quite breezy although nothing like last weekend, thankfully.  The sky looks quite clear so I am hoping for sun again to cheer me up!

Yesterday went really well.  It was a busy time as it always is when there's a houseful, but it was good.  I do have quite a lot of food left though - I'm really bad at estimating amounts for more than three or four and, of course, I had catered for two more anyway.  I was able to unload some onto Beth and can use the rest, all but the trifle.  I just made way too much.  I'll eat what I can and the rest will just have to be chucked sadly.

There's left over cream which will make butter again, this time trying the muslin method as Mary Berry suggested.  There's quite a bit of ham as I knew there would be - you are ruled by the size of the joints in the shop, after all.  The cooking liquid is rather nice and not too salty so I will be making some ham and lentil soup later on, using faithful Thermione.  There's also some rolls left and I think I will make ham rolls for school lunches and freeze them.
There's also some leftover wine and beer (shame!!!!!!!) and it is just possible it last until Christmas but I'm not betting on it!

I've spent rather a lot this half term, one way and another, so the rest of the month is going back to frugality.  A tenner a week plus whatever I have in store.  More than perfectly manageable when you see how much there is.  I think the only thing I HAVE to buy soon is dishwasher powder and I might pop out to get that today.

So this morning I am sorting out the freezer.  I have no idea what's in it at the moment and it's all an almighty mess with very little extra space.  So it's everything out, everything listed, nearly everything back in a more organised way (I hope)!  That should help considerably.

This afternoon is, sadly, back to school work.  Can't turn up tomorrow with no planning, after all.  It's been a wonderful holiday but life goes on . . .

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