Wednesday 27 November 2013


So sorry about the non-appearance of the blog yesterday.  Somehow it just didn't get written one way and another.

On Monday, as I wandered around a few shops, I remembered that my duvet had become rather lumpy and bumpy.  That's what happens when you buy cheapos, I guess.  My Internet friend, Diane, has a silk duvet and I'm sure she never has that problem!!  Anyway, I do like a fluffy duvet so I bought another one (still cheap) and have enjoyed the last few nights with a bouncy, soft duvet wrapped around me.  Bliss.

I suppose that if one must buy from a posh place like Liberty, one must expect great service, but I wasn't prepared for the arrival of the owls on Tuesday, seeing as I only ordered them on Sunday evening, but there they were, beautifully packed  with tissue paper and a lovely purple carrier bag laid on top (not sure why but I'm not arguing), each owl in a rather nice purple box that I will be able to use for other stuff (like jam).  And the owls are bee-yoo-tee-ful!  What with flu and stuff, I didn't manage to get a special decoration last year so maybe I'm just catching up!

Yesterday was coordinator time followed by PPA and I managed to get so much done!  Report back to the head, message for the newsletter, pupil perception questions prepared,  next week's planning done and most of the reading assessment data entered into Tracker.  Amazing!  No wonder I was tired in the evening.

However, today I have my class all day which is really very nice.  Reading Revelry, Work Workshop, literacy, maths, D&T, library time and a dance rehearsal.  No wonder they go home rather weary.  Then it's staff meeting, just to finish things off nicely!

I should sleep well again tonight!


  1. The owls are gorgeous, with the exception of a bit of shopping and a shower I have done all the chores so I can relax now. Have a lovely day with your little ones.

  2. Thanks, Diane. I hope you have a super relax and enjoy the clear conscience!
    J x