Sunday 3 November 2013

Oh, dear!

The third post today - fourth if you count Teacher's Recipes.  Maybe it's an avoidance thing.

Anyway, I was sort of roughly working to how much money I have wasted - I mean spent - this week and it's a bit scary really even though it was all for good reasons.  So for the rest of this month and the first bit of next month it's back on the old frugal thing again.  I reckon spending a tenner a week plus what I have in fridge, freezer and cupboard should more than see me through.  I'm hoping the tenner will also do some non food items as well. I get paid monthly so I will budget on a monthly basis.  Fingers crossed.

So - no school dinners, get my act together and make my own at home, no take aways, no expensive and less tasty ready meals.  Lots of good, home cooked stuff.  Looking forward to it already.

And, of course, I have no more family celebrations until Christmas.

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