Friday, 1 November 2013


After a dull, sometimes damp day yesterday, this morning is chilly but dry (so far - but it is rather early still) so fingers crossed for a brighter day.

Yesterday was busy, busy, busy.  I did a big shop (big for me, that is) in preparation for Saturday family bash,

I boiled up a ham (the stock is reducing down as I type and isn't too salty so I think ham and lentil soup is in order here or maybe ham and pea - or both!

I made a batch of vegetarian 'sausage' rolls with a filling of breadcrumbs, cheese, onion, cream and various herbs, spices and seasonings.  Now, there are bound to disappoint because mum makes the best veggie sausage rolls in the world, but they're OK.  They can be cooked from frozen so they're now snuggled in the freezer.

Kevin came p.m. and the garage is now . . . well, not clear exactly as there was stuff I wanted to keep, but it is certainly a lot better than before.  At some point this morning I want to sweep the floor in there and organise what's left there more efficiently - which shouldn't take too long.  :-)
I had the strangest feeling as he got nearer and nearer to the back of the garage and things emerged that go so far back in my timeline that they are antiques.  Rubbish, sure, but antiques!  Four children's bicycles, two of which I hope he will be able to do up and maybe sell on, for a start.  However, he wasn't allowed to take the tonka truck, or the climbing frame, or the little wooden rocking horse.  Some things are seriously precious and of real sentimental value.  At the very last moment I got him to take the garden chairs.  No, not an act of madness, but they are so old and so filthy and battered and all this summer I didn't sit out on them once.  Definitely not earning their space.
I was well pleased.  At £40 and no effort on my part it was well worth the cash and I hope he will be able to do up and sell on a fair bit of what was there, although some is just plain total rubbish.  When you think the council charges £30 to take three items away (I think it's three), it puts it all into perspective and I'm well happy!
I will certainly use him again!  Why did it take me so long?  Why am I such a hoarder?

Another thing I did, which was a bit crazy really, was buy a big bag of spuds - Maris Pipers - which is now sitting in the shed.  I will share them with Beth, of course, but it's in the way of an experiment really.  They're in a strong paper bag and I shall keep them in the shed and see how long they keep.  Fingers crossed.
I Googled how to store spuds and it seems I need to go through them and take out any that are blemished, so I guess that needs to be added to the long list of Things To Do Today, below such delights as making the trifle, making the cheesecake, washing and ironing, dusting and sweeping, etc.  Fortunately the house is nice and tidy after last Saturday's party, so it's not a dreadful chore and, amazingly, the ironing basket is empty as the other big thing I did yesterday was ironing.

Well, it's a long list so I need to get started or I will not have enough day for it all.

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